Silent Picture No. 1

Accompanied by the Author

Aug 31, 2022

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I recently became fascinated with a time lapse feature on my cell phone. Having been a traditional photographer and sometime videographer for years, it is amazing what the little phone can produced. I walked up to Margaret Corbin Circle in my Washington Heights neighborhood and took a series of movement-x-4 sequences, of which this is the latest. As I accompany professionally, I thought this might be an ideal experiment in movement, light, shade, and music.

Fast-moving clouds provide undulating shadow and light over the scene, as people move about, often intermixing. At one point I look up at the remarkable dragon formation in the clouds. At times the traffic appears to offer a Keatonic series of near misses, though this is more like the “undercrank” effect of early 20th Century silent pictures.

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James Steeber