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Collaboration with a Poet 5


Continuing to work with P.B. Warrington, I found that a street corner scene could have even more power than I’d bargained for at the time of capture. The underlying feeling of this moment is brilliantly captured in P.B.W’s poetry. I’ve provided some underscoring to fit the mood. The text is below.

                 Human carpet
         Fibers rushing randomly
               Building charge
          Sparking when touched
            Living conveyor belt
               Through chaos
         Each thread convinced
             Of need and want
                 By the motion
        By the sudden discharge

        Sane in their own way
                 Few just bad
   Most just hearing an internal
       Squeaking pitched chorus
     Droning on about meaning

              No one seeing
      Watching where headed
      Going along enraptured
By flickering devices in their hands

          Certain of a world
            Still impervious
          To their existence

   From the first great mistake
          To this latest one
         All the pain gained
            Dealt in reply
        This open wall-less
         Boundary channel
    Carried behind each look

   Some faces looking back

     Only one from above
   Seeing through the haze
  Listening through the din

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You Must Have Something on Your Mind
James M. Steeber